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Advanced Body Composition with DEXA technique

Faixat Body Scan offers a high-quality Body Composition service that uses DEXA (Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry), is considered the most highly developed and most thoroughly validated technique, to provide responses to current weight and transform your sensations into data.

What do we understand by a Study of the Body Composition?

A study that quantifies and analyzes the components of the body through values ​​such as bone density and the distribution of lean and fatty tissues, etc. Determine the corresponding weights and percentages of fat, bone, and lean tissue, the sum of which is the total mass. In addition, it segments them by body regions (arms, trunk, legs, …) and allows to evaluate the specific location of an excess of fat or muscle tissue and its evolution in a weight loss or toning program.

What does it’s the purpose?

Knowing your body Composition will allow you to improve your health and your sports performance.

How does it works?

With a quick scan of all your body we analyze every millimeter to obtain accurate and reliable measurements.  In this way, we offer a service of Advance Body Composition for you to know the reason of your current weight. In only 10 minutes and thanks to our advanced software, you will have an analysis of your measurements with more than 20 indications.

Do I have to prepare for the study?

We recommend you come fasting and without exercising the night before. Also, you must come dressed in light clothing without buttons, closures or zippers (top, tights or shorts are recommended).


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